Meetups/Events for new riders in London

I’m wondering if there are any meetups/events in London for ppl who just started to ride a bike?

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Hi @kkts, welcome to LB, and biking!

The Ace Cafe in West London is a great place to meet bikers. It’s where most of us made friends over the years.

Also The Bike Shed in East London is a newer place with a cool atmosphere.

Then South of London you have the infamous Rykas Cafe on the doorstep of the Surrey Hills where you can meet people and go on great rides into the countryside:

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Thanks for the info!

It seems like it’s not a very popular idea, but are there any new riders willing to do a chill ride in London, let’s say this weekend ?

There’s one on tomorrow:

I was thinking about going to central London area when there is not so much traffic, not ready to go to seaside

Key question I guess here is what do you ride?

There used to be L plate friendly rides but not so much these days from LB. Most posted here are for larger bikes but there are still slower paced and faster pace ones.

But I don’t think you will find many who want to travel into London on purpose (other than maybe on a Friday night from the Ace - if that still happens). The nice roads are in the country…

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I’ve got honda msx125 :slight_smile:

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