meetings and rides for L- Plates ???

hi guys,
all know that L-platters are a bit “limited” :wink:

are there any events /rideouts we can also participate without getting evil eye :angry: from speedy /fully legal bikers?

keep yer eye on the rideout section for 125 friendly ride outs … they do happen . Or try posting up your own . Tell em your a fit blond chick and wait see how many turn up :smiley:

I would be interested in going on a more of a beginner style ride out, as im still getting comfortable with my bike and the roads in the UK so would be advantageous to go with a beginner friendly group

NUMNUM!!! I AM A BLOND CHICK :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

every Friday bikes do meet up at ace café but also there are a few ride outs planned on here which is 125 friendly. oh and welcome to LB btw :slight_smile:

How blonde and fit are you?:slight_smile:

Hi and welcome :smiley: And Jet’s naughty, naughty :blush: you could try the newbie night on Monday eve at the Ace :slight_smile: OH, and they won’t bite ( as long as they’ve had their food ) :Whistling:

Hi and welcome. If you’re around west London I’ll join you. I’m still on L plates as well and def need practice. Pm me.

Oh and check out Terry’s 125 friendly route 26 on fri 7th.