Meet the brazilian FUTVOLEI !

This sport is called Futvolei and it’s played in the beaches all over Brazil! Romario, Ronaldinho, Edmundo, Zico etc, all of them have a team and so do the girls.

It’s really hard as it’s played on a beach Volleyball pitch. As you can see you can use your whole body apart from hands! The ball is not allowed to touch the sand. Well played? Is incredible!

Check out this girls at Ipanema beach!

Some more Brazilian show for you guys!

Here Ronaldo was a very young boy, whatch how easy is the futebol played over there. No violence and no need to physical force or seed.

Ronaldo and Raul playing together, like we love! Oh, I miss those little brazlian teams playing every sunday…

Cheecky Ronaldo when he was 16 years old:

Cruzeiro’s campain up to the become Brazilian champ again, music by Sepultura:

A shame for te Brazilian futebol but the only way to stop Kerlon!

And gooing for the kill! the 70’s campain including the dear England!


Only 1-0…nothing to worry about !!

Quality…I love it…cant wait…its gonna be a great summer Cez !!

Ronaldinho e Cristiano Ronaldo!…&no=12&tt=828&p=ronaldinho&ei=UTF-8&oid=9b96766cb4c5160e&size=5.6MB&dur=180&src=p&pld=240x320

A bit more:**http%3A//


God have just asked my nephew in brazil for one video and got al those!

This is the Brazilian championship that you guys don’t see here, the small teams, with almost no supporters lol**http%3A//

More futevolei, now Romario try the rio’s championship but looses:**http%3A//

the 5th phase of rios champ:

The 3rd:

The first:

The 4th :

The 6th:

So you’re quite a fan then Cezar?

Futevolei Andrew, was a big part of my life when I was a young man. I used to play it up to late night… Now, Futebol? I’m not as a fan as I am patriotic, if you know what I mean? lol