Meet my neighbour - Batman!

This guy lives in my hometown, he’s a kind of a tourist attraction.

Now all his stuff is for sale, if anyone wants to be a superhero!


LOL, what a nutter. Nice one Rottie

A bit?

The guy’s mad!!!

Each to their own eh?

Apparently Batman needs to get back to the gym…he’s starting to look a little scrawny. LOL

Strange how different people choose to spend their spare time and extra cash, no?


Lives at home with mum ???

I would love to trip him over…

I mean, who wouldn’t want to go around saying that they ‘owned’ batman.

Mmmmmmm scary, somthing missing in his younger days i think…

Holy bat-tastic obsessed loony neighbour from Poland there Rottie! Insane

wonder what he does for a day job?

Think he might need one of these Doctor

Ahhh … so that’s not normal behaviour???

Hang on,

Commissioner Gordon’s on the phone…

Lol nutter, looks more like a manakin though lol

thats just too funny

What The F*&k. Is he on day release or what from the nut house…

are you sure this not dr. baz…

Wouldnt mind buying his suit! Rock up 2 a fancy dress party with that on would be awesome…although his batmobile is lame!

What the! Very odd