Meet- Friday 11th July

right, im doing the usual, finishing work at 8 then heading to the ace for a cuppa. I will be on my new sexy bike so you lot can see her.

se whos comming ?:smiley:

I’ll be there, wanna have a nose at yer new bike and see what ya got :smiley:

I may come to the Ace tomorrow night, will play by ear, might be nice though to drop by - although I always tend to get lost on route, as haven’t been there very much.

I’ll be there :smiley:

Oo i see your names changed!! 750 eh

its a…may be getting a sneak preview tonite;)

i’ll be about tomorrow…tig sponsor money! remind me!:smiley:

Will do :smiley:

Stacey, have you borrowed Terry’s C90 again ? :wink: Well, I guess at least you’ll be able to reach the ground ! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Bring the camera too, I should be there but probably going on the rideout if the weather is OK.

I shall be dropping in slighly earlier… as My backside will need the rest… I’m riding my new Husqvarna Supermoto back from Andover tomorrow afternoon. Not using M’ways on way back so will be on the North Circ when coming through London… Might need someone to massage my arsecheeks back to life…

Westie, you gonna be there?? :smiley:


Cant bring the camera steve, just read your reply and im at work :frowning: damn