Meet and greet at the Dainese store London 15th August


Meet Jack Miller and Bradley Ray at the new Dainese London store between 6pm and 8pm on 15th August.


Thanks for posting - not so much the meet and greet but this is down the road from my office and I didn’t know it existed!!!


@nivag, link, location?


Ha ha, I look forward to going along there some day and complaining about how someone with Dainese’s motorbike experience could make a textile jacket like mine which has exposed metal press fasteners. I’ve had to cover them in insulation tape to stop them chewing my petrol tank.

(I’ll wait until the weather allows me to wear the jacket again).


Sounds more like a job for the fashion police :slight_smile:


If you click the Instagram link it has the location.




On my commute… tempted.



We taking bets on how long before the store gets robbed?