Medium Renthal Bars

Hi folks e.g.

After some more pearls of wisdom if you have any.

Some nice new medium renthal bars came through the post today for my 1996 Bandit 600.

Just wondering if there are any tips for fitting e.g.

Do you need to drill them?What angle is best?Are they better cut so that they are narrower?I am going to use the bike for fun days but also for commuting hence going for the mediums, might change later though if they don’t suit me.


They are pretty straighforward to fit, the only thing you may need to do is grind off a lug on the inside of the switch gear - some advise against this but it hasnt caused any issues for me.

As for cutting the ends down, best to fit them to the bike and see what feels comfortable for you. Do this before you fit the grips and switch gear so you can trim them if nec.

Keep the lugs and drill small tracers for them, its definitely safer, I have known a couple to spin if they are ground off. And why would you want to chop them down? The whole reason for Renthals is the whole MX look and feel?


When you say tracers do you mean just cut a dimple or actually drill a proper hole? Suppose i can just mirror what’s been done to the existing bars, it’s got Renthals on already but horribly scruffy and what’s worse is that they’re pink. I hope that whoever fitted them didn’t grind anything off so I have the choice at least. Think I prefer the safer option.

What about the best angle/twist for them, is this just personal preference?


Personal choice really, I prefer the more agressive throttle angle (slightly dipped).

It is more of a hole, but you’ll find that out when you remove the switchgears and throttle. 5 or 6mm I think :smiley:


Real helpful.