Medical advice needed.

Since I’ve (pretty much) given up smoking I can’t cough properly.

Should I be worried about this?

It can take up to a year for your lungs to clear properly and your body to adapt. Makes you realise how bad smoking was for you . . . I still wonder why I ever did it.

I remember when my dad stopped 11 years ago and kept coughing for three months like a goodun…then it eased off but never stopped coughing for good.

Sorry I can’t help
I only smoke after sex

NHS direct?

Always a smug response from non-smokers… :wink:

Look on it like smoking = a potterton boiler chugging away. Once you give up and give your lungs a chance to declog you’ll be more like an Ariston- you’ll be able to go on and on and on :wink:

That’s not true I ride a 2 stroke

get back on `em chap. then you can cough properly and the country needs the revenue.

Smoke some crack or meth, takes the edge off those dirty ciggarrets also good for weight loss :smiley:

Can’t rember the last time I saw a smoking crack
But I will keep looking

In what way do you mean can’t cough?

Is that you have not got that smokers cough anymore. You no longer have all the rubbish sitting on your chest.

The other thing you could do is give the NHS smoke free people a call, they are usually full of good advice.

If symptoms persist see a GP they can advise you too.

It is just the transition. Sit tight.

Either that or your testicles are about to drop.

If it was my girlfriend suffering your symptoms, she’d have self-diagnosed using Google by now and would be in a panic about having lung cancer :pinch:

More likely to be this country’s crap climate. I prescribe a 5 month winter break in Spain. :cool:

If you can`t cough properly, chlorine gas is your friend.:pinch:

If it persists make sure you visit your GP . Just to be on the safe side. Dad never stopped coughing in ten years, he kept going back to his GP requesting x-rays and tests which he was refused. After endless complaining of shortness of breath and almost constant coughing 10 years after he quit smoking the X-rays still didn’t show anything on his lungs…two weeks after the lung X-ray he went for an MRI and there it was, the metastasis wrapped around his spine broke a disc and started spreading in his bones. It developed from the tumour on his lungs the doctors never detected.

As much as I love the advice and banter offered by my fellow lb’ers I would suggest a site for motorcycle enthusiasts is not the ideal place to be requesting medical advice.

if you have only just given up smoking give your body a while to adjust if not please seek medical assistance.

bore over

I think the sarcasm detector must be off… :D:P

Well done on giving up Oldguy! :wink:

Could not disagree more. We have a wealth of practical experience between us and the least we can do is pass on our wisdom and share our learnings with our fellow LBers.

I for one would be very happy to hear of any sexual or emotional problems that any women want assistance with.

Just trying to keep things politically correct
Would it be ok to talk over my bad flatulence problem with you