Mechanics Course

Has anyone done a basic biker mechanics course that they would recommend?

I have finally given in and decided to learn about the difference between my front and back wheel.

I always thought that people would notice the glaze I get over my eyes when they go on about revs and cans and wanting me to change fuses (or recharge my batery) !!! well, as they don’t seem to notice I thought I might as well try to understand what they are talking about J Always nicer to be talked to rather than at………………

Anyway, let me know if you know of something J thanks

check this out

great thanks, will look into it :slight_smile:

There’s also an IMI course at Lambeth College (Vauxhall Centre) which is very comprehensive. Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 5-9pm. Tuesdays are theory classes and Thursdays are workshop sessions. It’s quite heavy going if you have been at work and/or have a young family, but I’d recommend it if you have time and energy. I started in September but had to give it up when my wife got a job and I had to round the kids up after school/childminders and all that. If you can spare £340 (or blag it on the dole) it’s a good course.

great, thanks for that, will look into this one as well, I work in Victoria, so would be easy to get to :slight_smile: