Mechanic in West London??

Hi Guys
Not entirely sure if this is the right place to post but I’d like to have some mechanic options having recently purchased a CBF600 and I’m not really self-service kinda gal (yet).
I am thinking of getting some crash protectors added onto my bike and whilst I’ll ask Chiswick Honda for a quote (since I bought the bike there), I’d quite fancy a backup option or three as well as speaking from being a car owner, I know that dealers charge top whack!!

If you can point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful

Thanks in advance!!

I’m snowed under until next Tuesday, but if you can make it to Watford next week with the bungs I’ll find time to fit them for you.

Dr Scorch is your man and he’ll even let you pace up and down watching while he performs the surgery :wink:

Chiswick Honda rates aren’t too bad and you get a free coffee at the Honda Café. They also do courtesy bikes if you fancy one of those. I’ve had scooters, a Hornet and an NC700. They did a good job fitting my R&Gs when the bike was new.

if Scorch is not available go to the OMC. do not trust any other main dealership garage to do their job properly. and overprice for the pleasure.

Thanks for the tips guys, I’ve got quotes from Honda Chiswick, they’re not too bad but being a project manager in real life, I like to get at least 3 quotes and then decide lol.
Occupational hazard (or benefit in this case perhaps??)

@scorch - thanks for the offer, that is VERY kind of you :slight_smile:

@silveR6 - will check them out, doing their basic bike maintenance course next month!