Meaning of LIFE!

LIFE stands for owing a performance bike.

For riding to far and to fast on a performance bike.

For doing something you shouldn’t when you should know better on a performance bike.

For tweaking, fiddling, improving, measuring and spending too much money on a performance bike.

For standing around looking at someone else’s performance bike.

For spellbinding technology overambitious projects, beautiful engineering and the delicious detail of a performance bike.

Da Artist

If you don’t have a Performance bike…Oh Well
This prayer can be found at the start of most PB mags

I read the title and were worried you’d gone all deep on us (rather like a recently departed member) but then I read the post and am relieved that you’re ok.

i always read that every month… lol

PB is the best mag… IMO

ohh and VERY UNHAPPY stands for when your performance bike has been in the garage for 5 days…

And BIG GRIN stands for you get it back tomorrow, tweeked…