Me on my SV

Check me out, picked it up Sunday morning.

Totally different to my SR125. Stalled it only twice so far, she’s a sensitive old gal.

Fanbloodytastic though, loving it. See you on the road/Ace/High Beech





Dont tell my wife I said that . . . . oh . . hang on . . .

Good stuff grid girl…take care out therre

Oops, just realise I’ve put this in the wrong thread, sorry mods.

Have fun GGirl todays going to be a nice day for riding.

g/girl if it keeps stalling get some stp fuel injuction cleaner,from a petrol station it comes in a black bottle about a fiver.

get the carbs balanced at some point will make it run abit smoother.

in the winter some sv’s suffer from carb icing the bike shop down the road sells it.

glad you are enjoying it hun.

GG your exhausts all rusty!

Well done mate! Cracking looking bike you got there!

Looking good GG. Look forward to meeting you soon.