Me, Melda & leon camier

Look who we found whilst at css, he was doing some laps to get back in the swing of things after his last off




Nice, did you ask for a go on his 1098? :smiley:

I’m shocked you’d ask M her chat up lines :w00t:

PMSL, very funny grim! :stuck_out_tongue:

curtis m8!!! u could av smiled. u grumpy git :D:P

Makes you wonder where Leons hand is :wink:

didn`t think of that grim lmao

I think CSS sponsor and train him? He was recently at EAMG (see CR ride out section) as CSS was giving a presentation there.

nice one!

I was on track yesterday eve @ brands, when he shot past me, amasing his change of direction, he was so quick. Great to be on track at the same time as a BSB rider.!!

Css he did all his training he and in the states. He’s good mates with Andy!

Try smiling Curtis, it’s not that hard!

yea hmm dunno what was going on there lol i think i was knackered at that part of the day :doze:

They are in a different league right enough. But he’s a canny lad and I’m glad he was happy to mix it with the punters :slight_smile: