me is new

hi all just signed up and hope to meet new people and have fun :smiley: first like to say i cant believe the response from others to the bad crash on the a12 i was on the a12 when that hapend and watch the air ambulance land and heard that a motor biker was involved my heart sank even tho i never new him my heart goes out to all

a bit about me ive had a bike x2 and now own a custom biult trike vw 16oo twin port engine which i need help with i also own a kawasaki vn 800 classic plus a suzuki gsx 600 its a 04 plate but a k3 last to be built

i love riding as you can see all sorts (take that how you want lol) but dont realy know were to go to meet new people i do go ace cafe on fridays a bit but thats about it but would love to do loads more i came across this site yesterday how im not sure but i did and was reading a fare bit on the forums and couldent balive the response so i thought if they can say and do things like that then this is the place for me well hope so enough about me cos im board already talking about me

so there you have it about me just like to say anyone fances a chat then give me a call thanks to all paul

Hi there and welcome to LB

Well hello and welcome Paul, hope you enjoy it here,

Newbie night on the 7th at the Ace i believe, your chance to meet a few people :smiley:

hi ginger thanks for saying hi merry cristmass

hi thanks will be there hope to see a few people from here there thanks and a merry cristmass and a wicked new year

hope to see you there then

hiya mate welcome to the lb community, im sure u will find we are all a friendly bunch and yea all very helpfull too when we can be

hi and welcome mate, … I thought the 7th is herts meet at pub ? or I got it wrong ? :slight_smile:

hello mate !

Hi and welcome aboard.

Yes Steve you got it wrong… Herts/N.London meet is 8th:cool:

120??? Who are you trying to kid?;):stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome aboard :wink:


Hi Paul,

Welcome to London Bikers!! :slight_smile:

about 2 yrs ago i read an article about some old gentleman that have been sent a speeding fine for doing 800mph on a adual carriageway. apparently they tried to ban him :wink:


I imagine SteveGSX is an old gentleman in a similar position;):P:cool:Who’s going to break it to him that his speedo is in kph?;):D:D