Me in cambodia with the guys from done right!

A video one of the guy put together of us at done right!!

Was a excellent trip I’m going back next year in Feb/March if anyone wants to come!

Looks like frigging hard work but amazing fun!!! :smiley:

Was that you dropping the bike at the end? :slight_smile:

Me me me!!!

No it was Chris owner of moonlight rock guest-house on otres beach.

I was me laughing at him dropping it, we where keeping drop tally’s and he was my closest competitor!

You guys should come out,I’m going for 10 - 14 days when i get a date confirmed. After the flight you will need about £50 a day inc bike hire or £30 a day with no bikes!! Reckon you could get by on less if u wanted but thats drinking a eating out every night!

Are you going this year?

I don’t have any holiday days left now till March :smiley:

Looks cool.

Luckily there were no bodies hitting the floor :wink:

oh we hit the floor plenty, but he is leaving that for a we went down video apparently!!

very nice, defo interested if dates work in my favour :smiley:

Cambodia’s awesome … I’m tempted to go out for a trip in January … and maybe stay on for Feb too with Rixxy :slight_smile: