me_groovy's top tip of the day

Lube your bike. I mean like, religiously! it’s only when you go to take something off and you’ve a rusted bolt that you regret not doing so.
even a spray of ACF50 all over is better than nothing!

this is the b*stard that’s stopping me from taking out the blown engine in my ninja, can’t even get to it with an angle grinder! trying heat at the moment

The larger one in the centre of the photo? It’s got those little sprung blades at the end of the threads - you can just about see them sort of between the bolt and the nut…

Jimmy it with a screwdriver to try and release them as the wedge against the threads on the way out to stop the bolt from coming loose…

A spray of ACF is a lot better than nothing, it’s nearly better than everything! :smiley:

yup yup. love that stuff:cool:

ACF-50…I used to drink that stuff. Love the smell of it aswell…

Ninja? One of the new ones yes? Looks like it might be one of the boltsto frame/engine. Well Craig of the GPZone was saying the old Ninja’s had thisproblem too as the weight of the engine would warp the bolt a little making ithard to remove. His tip was jack up the engine as it would remove the weight ofthe engine from the problem.

one of the old ones, 1995 to be exact! I’ll get the jack under it and try that after trying the circlip out, cheers boys.

Have you tried shock and unlock ? Works like heat but the opposite … it does it through cold sometimes you can even hear it ping when it releases if it works . Bit like a chemical impact driver .

if this doesn’t work I’m going to dremel the nut off and buy a new bolt