Me_groovy's pro tip of the day, Nov 18th 2018

Kill it with Fire!

Fork seals were stuck in the vfr 800. Considering the state of the oil, I’m not sure they’ve ever been changed. Certainly not mentioned in the service history.
Dust seals looked like this:

Thankfully all the bolts came out ok, even the ones in the bottom of the legs!
The bolts for one of the brake calipers might have been over-torqued at some point?

No matter how hard I tugged, I couldn’t get the oil seals out of the lowers. Last time I had this problem, I happened to have a spare set of lowers so I literally cut the bottoms in half. Not an option this time so I resorted to caveman techniques. Clamped the fork in the vice, filled the recess above the seal with WD40, jammed a scrap of old towel in it and set light to it.

60 seconds of that, 3 tugs and the seal came out :smiley:

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I’ve had a similar experience of something coming out after 60 seconds and 3 tugs :smiley: