Me bike is ready tomorrow...

… thought it was gonna be tonight but got to garage and he was still working on it so he lent me his tricked up DRZ400 dirt bike… hehe… Gorrila on a minimoto springs to mind!! Good laugh though!

Come on, how can a DRZ400 be a small bike, you joker! Don’t insult my DRZ :stuck_out_tongue: Get that bike of yours sorted! When are you coming to Londinium?

lol… chap… I’m 6’3 and 18stone… feck I make my RSVR look small!!
I’m on the boat on Sunday so reckon I’ll hit london sunday night… Foxy’s sorted a sofa and safe place for bike as long as I dont get lost!! Which is bound to happen lol Thats one plan… or come up to london on the Thursday/Friday… which is gonna be best… If I do this, I’ll be coming from Exeter so could maybe meet yo guys out for a run and then back into town??

Sounds good, assuming it’s not pissing down. Foxy and I are out for dinner on Friday night though, and out for the day on Saturday, but back for the evening. Best to speak to her and confirm anything, as it’s her show.

Ok fair do’s…I’ll rule out Thursday/Friday… The begining of the week is ok, but i didnt think much would be happening and the weather is meant to be poor until middle of week, plus who wants gatecrashers on a sunday night eh!?! lol… if it doesnt happen it doesnt happen.

I need to be back in liverpool on saturday night I reckon cause I got the boat back on the sunday…