Me arseing about at the weekend.......


Nice one, RVF 400 or 750?

where abouts is that rounabout/corner looks nice :slight_smile:

Well if its a roundabout and in this country hes going the wrong way…

good point!

Not quite mate lol,'87 FZR1000 genesis


Ita a hairpin bend at the end of a 3/4 mile straight near colchester,used to be a WW2 airfield,could only ever get me left knee down,but went there last night after work and did me right aswell


OOps… hehe the colour scheme and, what I thought were air intakes inbetween the lights and screen got me…

Thats ok matey,easy mistake to make,and its a custom paintjob anyway,it doesnt look too bad for a 20 year old bike



Show off

Sorry,and all the credit for the pic must go to Sally (messie) good job she had her camera an takes great pics,cheers babe x


This is the way that a YZF is meant to be cornered. So I’m told.