Me and Tony

First attempt doing stand ups… :shock:

Looks like you was having some fun !!

Nice Pics !!

But maybe a bit more personal protection next time.

Jeans and Trainers is a No No for that kind of stuff Kidda !!

Looking good all the same !!


Wheelies looking good, but until you wear some decent gear you’ll look like a couple of chavs to be honest.

Don’t be a squid.

Sorry mum.

Nice pictures Luke! When I tried that on my first bike (NC24), it broke first gear, heh.

I’m amazed there aren’t more wrecks, you guys drive on the wrong side of the road!

helps if you have a nice camera charly…

I was thinking of asking toby if he would do some shots…

for a small fee… beer!!!

wheelies, Pah! its all about the stoppies!!!

my wheelies are getting there slowly!

will have to sort a date out for this tibbets corner malarky!!!

Dude…you did that in joggers?

Come find me if you need me mate!
But i’ll be honest, I’m with Barra, if its a learning thing I’d get some kind of armour or at least jeans, Chav Trackie ain’t so good when they’re melted onto road pizza…not sure I wanna take the pics of you with half your skin scraped along an A road, although believe me, I’m merceneary enough to do it! Bike mags pay well for that sort of thing!

!!i will be there with the first aid kit strechers and life support machines!! OOPS sorry there for me trying to containe my hysterics!!!
you boys will do great im sure of it.adam will be able to teach you all how to stoppie properly!!lol hehe