Me and my mate at practice

Out today. some of these are before my spectacular slip-off-tank-pull-throttle-open-into-tank-slapper-off-the-side-crash:YEAH


Adz should have more on his paparazzi pete camera

nice one

Looks like your enjoying yourselfs, nice looking play area

asif these pics havent been taken down yet

looks wicked, nice stunts, nice spot to, clean and queit!!

Lovin it

thanks guys, appreciated


Loving the synchronised shots

joe is that the site you mentioned to me earlier??? might have to have a look there

great pics joe

man, i need a stunt bike,

What ya mean goose? ya have a perfectly capable gsxr go on, kill her!!!

adam, nah, the site is (sorry guys). im on cd riders now also

nah i meant the place where the pics where taken!

Nice machine control I take it you don’t leave darkies on the tarmac?

noooooooo i love her too much, lol

Nice pics dude…

Gasp! Some sweet bike control/balance there

Hope the learning isn’t too painful…