Me and my bike

That was the day i got her mmmmmmmmmmmmmm



OOps can the mods move this to the proper place (sorry)

cool nice bike mate

Hello and Welcome. Very nice mate.

Lovin that bike dude!! Welcome!

Pukka looking bike m8, welcome to the forums. Do you plan to do any mods to it?

Great looking bike! It seems at home in this forum, did you mean it to go elsewhere? Good to see you practising the assumed position

Nice motor mate, gis a go

I meant to put it in the members bikes gallery

Thanks for the welcome, i’ve been a member for a while now but i don’t usually post ( i just read the posts)

I’m not going to mod it much just a d/b screen,tail tidy,hugger and a power commander.

Stick the pic in the gallery anyway.

Welcome to the forum and nice Kwaker mate!


Dribble drool sniff dribble drool

And to think I’m an educated man.

Welcome mate. That is a beautiful bike. I test rode one of those recently and fell in love could not believe how fast it was compared to mine. Very jealous.

lovely bike

Hello… Nice Kwacky you got there… Mmmmm that first day feeling… Catch you up at the Ace someday…

Yeah … lovely bike!! … puts mine to shame!