Me and CFC rode out to West Bay today

CFC came down to mine today Somerset Yeovil and we met up with old mate Andy T, then we headed off to West Bay for a blast and lunch. Then back to Andys where i check CFCs brakes and sorted his rear shock, it was a good day but got cold towards the end. Im glad it wasnt me rideing back to London, i think its the last ride this year for the Stealth so will have to think of new bits for the Stealth over the winter !! Um now wheres that credit card :w00t:

Pfff CFC was tucked up in bed when I left my house at 7am this morning lol … It was bloody cold and foggy all the way to Rhayader mid Wales… We went there for lunch and home, just short of 400 miles today.

Glad you had a good day too, cold but at least dry.