MD Racing - Leatherhead, Surrey

This isnt an impartial post but really pleased with the work he has done on my CBR in the last few months and for putting up with me in the workshop all morning on Saturday. (I wanted to help a little and have a go at some stuff myself but got stuck at getting out the ruined bolts holding the fairings on! It took me an hour to get one side of the fairings off :frowning: so much for motorcycle maintenance classes in 2008. lol)
In the last few months he has:
fixed the ram mount so that my satnav doesnt keep moving around (been like that for about a year and was really annoying)
repaired my heated gloves (had to cut out some wiring and solder it together)
repaired my satnav cable as it temporarily stopped working when I turned right
put the wire for my heated gloves in a more convenient place (I hadnt even noticed it was in a stupid place)
serviced my bike
put on new tyres
changed my exhaust
sorted my dogdy kill switch (initially with a quickish repair to keep me mobile and then with a new switchgear)
changed my master cylinder to a better one…
given me trackday instruction
and transported my bikes around all over the place

Just wanted to say THANK YOU (although he never checks LB so wont see this :P)