McQueen motorbike built-to-order

I want one!!!

Is that like the one he rode ‘On Any Sunday’ ?

Oh no!!..don’t tell me the king of cool was a Sunday rider?!? :smiley:

with the amount of mcqueen fans in the world i think you can forget the 300 figure

That looks superb . . . but at £12,999 I can think of a few other bikes I’d like . . . and get change! :smiley:

What is it they say? “Never let facts get in the way of a good news story” ;)Metisse did not make the frame for his scrambler.

The frame was made by Rickman and was called a Rickman Metisse:w00t:

Looks like a nice replica but someone’s cashing in on a name here I think;)Here’s a “Proper” Rickman MetisseAn original, for sale for £7844:cool: