MCN Show

Hi all,

Any people going to the MCN show at Excel this weekend? If so when?


Got my tickets for sunday

Have a look here:

Cool, thanks for that.

I’ve given up trying to look for topics

actually oggy i think you will find i have your ticket for sunday mate lol

Sunday! Melda which day you going? me and claire could meet you if you fancy a cuppa/going together…

f*ck you funny man

I`m going Thursday.

Will look out for your hi-viz vest

Hello waspy…I’m there on Sunday most likely.

I will probably be going on saturday.

Friday for me


I`ll be wearing my forum t-shirt which has maxi muppets on the back.

Myself and a few others are also going on Saturday so we’ll keep and eye out for you

Satdy at doors opening, for me! Catch some of ya there!

I’ll be there sat and sunday working on the motorcycle gifts stall, from about 12, remember to say hi, demon head tattoo on the back of me heqd, lol.

Might be going thursday to look/shop though.

I’m going Sunday, anyone whats to meet up at Becton first?


Let me know when you’re going fella. I have an osteo appointment in the morning so will probably go straight from there.

Who else are you going with?

PM me details.

Think im going saturday with abbeyj and python, poss andrea and her other half and i think stu is going…yeh i will be going…gotta see me mates aint i?..

Just this weeks MCN and had a look at whos going to be at the show. Theres only 3 manufacturers there BMW, KTM and Ducati

I might not go now as there`s nothing to see.