MCN ride the Norden 901

I think there’s going to be a lot of interest in this bike when it’s finally released.

Also waiting for the other 890 models KTM are planning to release.

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is it me or does it look weird without a beak?

It looks weird without a mahoosive windshield and that round headlight is just so strange.

I hadn’t noticed the beak until you mentioned it so probably didn’t look to weird subconsciously. Now that I look at it, yes it does.

Otherwise, I quite like it but those elements just throw me off…

into a bush round a corner?


I’m sure it’ll be alright on the night…


then again the current KTM 790 is missing a beak as well


With that pointy nose, that looks horrible…

i wouldnt keep that even if you gave to me for free…

Back to the huskie… it does remind me of the old 990 in shape a bit. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to it.

The 790 has been discontinued, and is being replaced with a new 890 version.

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Wow, I think the Norden looks great. Great design and not as big and bulky as a GS/1290A. I could totally imagine doing some light off-road adventure riding on that.

Looking forward to seeing specs, i.e. weight.


So am I. I think for a long range tourer with off road capability then it could potentially be an awesome bike.

I could sell the DRZ for that and still do some green-laning on that plus get what I hope would be a great tourer as well (specs allowing, i.e. heated grips, cruise control, screen options, etc).

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There’s only so much room in the garage :slight_smile:

Bigger garage, or loose the tesla. :grinning:

Yamaha T7

If you bought a Norden and were the type to give a name to your bike, what would you call it?

…only one name surely…

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“only one name surely” is a bit long though