MCN live London excel 13th-15th February

is anyone else going to this? i’ll be going on the sunday 15th (wasn’t allowed on the saturday, no idea why)
would be good to meet up and ride in (weather permitting) with some new faces

Last year was a bit of a let down, suzuki wasn’t there and the stalls had no great deals. I’ll go again this year but if it’s not good again it’ll be my last and I’ll just do the NEC

Same here.
Lids Direct have decent deals on helmets and I might get one, otherwise it is a bit of a snooze.
You can generally get better deals on gear just by buying from Germany.

If I go, it’ll be on Friday, as it’s likely to be less crowded.

I might be going to check out all the stuff I missed at Birmingham

Going, gonna ride in with couple of mates. Anyone’s welcome to join in.

How terrible is it compared to the NEC? I’ve only been to the NEC once and it was great to sit on a bunch of new bikes.
Is there a huge showroom with bikes from all manufacturers?
Not really fussed about buying stuff or events.

ill be working a stall there for my college. should be fun

The NEC is the Original UK Bike Show, it started life at Alexandra Palace and when it outgrew it, it moved to the NEC, so it is “The Big One” the London Bike show is relitively new compared to it so most exhibitors can only afford to go to the Main one at the NEC, and some Manufacturers (Suzuki) don’t even turn up, and the ones that do don’t have as big a stand as they would at the NEC therefore the London one isn’t on such a big scale (Yet it is still a huge arena) the Live shows and interactive stuff isn’t as good at London as they are at the NEC and there are a mixture of stands selling/promoting stuff that is Non-Bike related! i hope that the London show does grow as it is easier to get to and it could be massive if they used both sides of the exhibition centre rather than just the one. But saying that, if your a Bike geek like me and the Excel is on your Doorstep then its a day out looking at sexy Promo Girls and Beautiful Bikes so it’s not a complete waste of a Day!!

We weren’t really promo girls Sam :smiley:

Kidding, I didn’t think much of the Excel show, I was expecting something similar to the NEC and going to/from there via car (at the time) was a nightmare, though it would be fun to rock up with a bunch of LBers, I can think of better places to go on ride outs though…

I said Sexy, Not Scary!!

Hahaha :laugh: of course we’re scary, we look like ghosts compared to what you’re used to!


You know i like my Women like i like my Bikes…Orange!!

Haha :smiley: and with a deep grunting exhaust!

a nice deep, throaty pipe indeed

Deep Throat is always good :Whistling:

Its hard to deep throat a chipolata… :Whistling:

ooooh, Knife in the Back!!!

I never implied it meant you, you made that connection all by yourself. Thanks for the new info though, I can add that to the image of you bending over on your bike which is forever burnt into my memory :laugh: