Open for registration

picked my losing team already

anyone gonna set up the FB league again ?

I have set up a Londonbikers mini league Steve if you fancy joining that?

Pin 9639

cheers Pj applied to join

+1 :smiley:

Accepted along with a few more :slight_smile:

+1 :slight_smile:

Just applied

What do we win PJ? A go on yer bike would be good!:w00t:

applied to join. :slight_smile:

PJ… was I not approved cos you’re scared of the competition? :wink:
Reapplied… can I come play?!?

no bugger off cos no fuglys allowed :smiley:

Damn it - i have not changed it since i first picked the team - i only picked it to join the league… Some work to do in the next transfer window!!

1 Joel Satterley Scratchin the Surface 151 2 andrew lawrence Chunky;s Chargers 150 3 Paul Johnston PJ52 149 4 Toby Stokes The Do Run Run Runs 148 5 Steve Beckett Mad Hatters 134 6 gary collins gerkins urchins 133 7 Tim Eades Tiny Little Lemons 131 8 Mike Dack Kent675 131 9 Joe Bloggs Kaos Theory 130 11 Neil Atkins NAPA121 114 12 Iain Farrell Zipikaye! 111 13 Martin Fennell xxx 106 14 Andy Johnston monojuice 93 15 Ian Gadsdon Ians Idiots 89 16 Ian Gillespie Number One 83 17 Jack Russell Team Jackaha 82 18 sean cunningham SeanR1 80 19 Daniel Randall D’s Destroyers 66

Thats cos u got a yamahahahahaha

Just applied : “Back of the Grid” :unsure:

Pin isn’t working, can i still join?

This is last years league Sam, this years pin is on Here

Whoops, that would be why lol