MCN Fantasy Road Race 2012

Not long now until we get underway with the new season and MCN are again offering the Fantasy Road Race League. I have set up a London Bikers league for us all to join, as last year.

Register here and then when you have selected your £10 million team go to join a Private League and enter 791.

I will then accept you as a member and you will see London Bikers appear in your Private League area.

Good luck.

all signed up




All accepted



Accepted :wink:

Yay I get to have a team from the start this year.

Though my BSB team is a bit rubbish :stuck_out_tongue:

Im in dude , sent the request




im in, someone has to be bottom

just picked the winning team





All accepted

I’m quite impressed how many folk are decidin their teams this far ahead of deadline… the faves are dropping like flies out there, how can anyone be so sure with so long til they even turn a wheel in anger…? :hehe:

Hutchy down and out…
Hopper’s hand busted…
Haga’s only just been announced…

Are you all so sure…?

@ toby-1 you can change your team right up to the 25th feb so it doesnt matter who you got in there at the moment.

that’s exactly what I mean… surely you don’t commit til the last minute, but everyone seems very certain they got winning combos already…

I am not really a fan of watching motorcycle racing anyway, makes me want to ride too much, so I just pick random names based more on the brand of motorcycle I prefer rather than the skill of the riders, whose names I barely know anyway.

Win or lose isn’t really that much of an issue either, just something to look upon every few weeks as a group for fun.

DIsagree… considering some of the LB teams were in the Top 200 at certain stages of last year… I’d say that means there’s a WHOLE lot of good bike know how here… imagine winning the whole damme monkey for a free brand new bike… :smiley:

I was only talking from my perspective, last year I didn’t even manage to have a team for the start of it and remained consistently at the bottom of the list until the end of the season.

I expect much the same this year except I won’t have the excuse of turning up late to fall back on :smiley:

I pay so little attention it wouldn’t surprise me to find that my teams includes someone who is already injured and unable to start. Will try and check nearer the close date to make sure that don’t happen, but will probably forget.

You can change your line-up as many times as you like between now and the cut off date Tobe.
I’ve had a reshuffle to squeeze Nitro Nori into BSB :Whistling:

Can I play too PJ… I’ve got a random team, mnost of whom willl probably quit racing, or break something vital between now and first race…

I’ve got “boring year” predicted I’m afraid… the title fighters are on the best kit… not gonna b a year of surprises I don’t think.

Toby you are accepted my friend :wink: