MCN Fantasy race team 2017


This could be my one and only chance to gloat :)
Looks like we have a season winner!!! Congrats Scotty! :)
Thank you for registering for this year's MCN Fantasy Road Race and for taking part. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances outside of our control, we regret to announce that the rest of this year's races will no longer be taking place.
I wonder how much they wanted to charge MCN for the licensing fee?


It’s not a Dorna thing, according to Oli Rushby of MCN, the company providing the technology went into liquidation.

This is sad as I thought team Bearly Legal was a slow burner this year


I think I’d have extended my lead after this weekend too. To be fair I did build my team around WSBK as they have more races and hence would generate more points.

Shame I won’t see my plan out. :frowning:


Yep saw this come up on another forum…good plan scotty


im in :slight_smile:


It’s back on again :slight_smile:


It's back on again :)