MCN Fantasy race team 2017

Hopefully I’ve set this up correctly, there should be a mini league called LondonBikers2017 - password: BMwed17

MCN Fantasy Road Race at

Race list -

Need the password


Doh! details have been updated :slight_smile:

I have to accept any additions to the league, so if you don’t appear straight away I haven’t got around to clicking a button :slight_smile:

Anymore peeps wanna play?

Did you see my request?

Did you see my request?
yup and added :)



Great !  :wink:

Racing starts this weekend, get your teams setup!


Congratulations you’re in!

Think I have joined:)

What can I win​:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

What can I win😃😃😃😃 commuter-boy
Our admiration :)


This could be my one and only chance to gloat :slight_smile:

I’m gonna start making my excuses already…I don’t even own a television and only really follow and watch moto gp…lol

Fantasy leagues stress me out