MCIA Offroad experience, booking opens TOMORROW! 10AM

This is a great event, and if you haven’t ridden off road before it is a blast. ALL the major manufacturers bring their off road school to a muddy field for 4 days and give 400 lucky few a morning or afternoon to give it a go, all for the paltry sum of £30! This includes bikes, fuel, instructors and all the gear, you just need to turn up.

On the old site there was a review of this event from a couple of years ago and a picture gallery which perhaps Jay could link us to, or you could just visit to fond out more.

set your alarms if you are interested, this filled up within a few minutes last year and the year before.

seconded. this was brilliant last year, I loved it. Went with AndyCR15 and roadkill.

I’m up for this. Unfortunately Claire can’t come though. Fingers on the buzzers!

What day? I’m free any day. Friday would probably be best though for a long weekend.

I’m booked on for Friday 10th July for the PM session :slight_smile:

Mmmmm tip, don’t say you’ve ridden off-road before or they won’t let you go.

Have they blocked you from going?

Anyone else having problems with the registration form?

Yes, i had to do it on my phone as wouldn’t let me do it on Lap Top cos the browser isn’t supported

What day you booking on Bri? try and do the friday PM one with me if you can

I’ll try. Maybe the phone 'll do it. The rider experience buttons don’t work on the laptop & they’re required fields…Grrrrr

Yep, they blocked me. Bit unfair. I’m no pro MX’er!

Can’t you book it at all now?
Maybe it is your IP address they have blocked from booking, do you want me to try and book you on from my computer?

No the phone is stuck in a buffer screen too!
Yes please

Friday PM is all gone!! just the AM sessions left now, I managed to Get Bryan booked on this end, had to do it on the phone again, the buttons dont like working but i had to keep pressing it till it accepted it, so any troubles, just try that

booked for Friday morning, thanks to the assistance of GSXR750_Sam!

Bombed out 1st time around after putting in my contact details. Tried again and went thru; albeit very slowy. Booked and paid for Friday afternoon… However, not received any confirmation via email as yet… Is that the case for those successful?

My confirmation’s just arrived Amit.


Mine arrived about 45 mins after booking