MCE limit fun

It took me hours to get through to a real human being but eventually I was able to add mileage to my policy.

When I took out the policy I thought 5000 miles would be enough, not having had a bike for years. I’ve now added another 5000 which should do it until June, however I asked about further thresholds and was told there are none, no cover possible over 10,000 miles, just take out a new policy.

Is this right? Another insurance scam?

+10K is definitely a price point for me on insurance quotes.

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Hi @HBG,

I can actually answer here, I had to insure one of my bikes for 20k+ a yr (due to commute). I could not increase the current bike passed 10K as their provider ceiling was 10K. You are insured so no breaches etc etc, however, your bike is no longer covered over the 10k, so if you smash into someone’s car at 11K your insurance will pay out the other party but not you as you went over.

There is surprisingly few insurers offering over 10K for standard commuting at least.

I assume they use MOT mileage to calculate the 11k right?

Yup, I cannot imagine any other way of working it out.

Are there any unlimited miles policies these days. I hate this ceiling nonsense, I always paid a premium for the year and that was it, who knows what my mileage and circumstances will be.

Of course it is designed to suit the insurers not the insured.

The insurance ombudsman should be looking out for us but hasn’t any interest.

You could always buy a 2nd bike :grin:

Or a 3rd

So if you want to go on a really long tour you have to take a spare bike with you.

Just doesn’t make sense. Bikes are a hobby for many but a regular means of transport for others and the allowed mileage isn’t even at the 12000 mile average often quoted for cars.

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Unlimited policies do still exist, I have one.

I quoted 15000 when I bought it, so they said it would be unlimited

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I cannot remember how many miles I bought, but it must have been over 20k (almost what I did in 2019) and £1 under the point at which the price goes up. I did it online so I could jut keep regenerating quotes to find the point.

But the policy document does not list any limit, so I assume it is actually unlimited.