MCE insurance now covers you for track days

I’ve just renewed my MCE policy and was told I’m covered
fully comp for as many track days as I want for no extra
charge, it’s included in their fully comp cover :cool:

There is an increase in the excess, for claims made while
doing a trackday, sorry can’t remember how much, and
you do have to inform them before doing a track day,
i’ll have full details when the policy docs arrive.

its 50% excess,nice of them to offer it but not a great deal ,in my opinion it would be cheaper to repair the bike yourself.

That obviously depends on the value of your bike and how much damage you do :smiley:

Last time I crashed my own bike on a track day I wrote it off uninsured :angry:

Now I’ve got a newer R6 I’d buy specific tack day insurance, that’s
usually about £90 / day and there’s still an excess.

So the the way I see it is… the MCE deal saves me about £90 / day for track days.