MCE British Superbike Champioship 23rd-25th WHO IS GOING???



Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :smiley:

couple of us going from here Sunday leaving mine @ 9am get there for about 10, see you up there

Good stuff, any preferrable stand?

nah will just ring you when we get there…tend to wander about a fair old bit and head for the paddocks as its free, but for the races I aim for Luffield stands as you can see all the new section, what time you heading up ?

I’m going tomorrow morning…
Start from Greenwich about 9AM. But start time is flexible :slight_smile:

07402226439 Konstantin

will be leaving from north Central London sunday morning, i can meet whomever wants to come along at 10.30 at the ACE, please confirm if so, i am gonna do a little ride out to there.


you wanna leave earlier than that Dave or the meeting be over by time you get there !!!

Nige went with his mate, he had a great time.

Great laugh we had, minimotorbiking included! epic crash on them from yoyo!! ahhah

just helalarious!!!

I almost fell of because I pissed myself laughing at him, hahaha :smiley:

grrrrr…went into corner too fast…lmao :w00t: