Mcain defends Obama

Questioner accusses Obama of being an Arab.

Mcain denies this - saying “he’s a decent family man, he’s not” :w00t:

does this mean if you’re an Arab you can’t be a decent family man? WTF? :w00t::smiley:

“HE DA ARAB” such f*ing idiots in that country sorry. Especially the people that go to that type of thing

Just demonstrates the lack of education that the majority of people these days in the USA (and UK) have - that’s the biggest threat we have, ignorance and stupidity, knee jerk reactions caused by lack of knowledge, not even lack of tolerance but simple knowledge. No terrorist can instill hatred anything like good old ignorance :slight_smile:

the video clip made me laugh, those dumb****** can be funny too. But that’s the country of world police for you, scary.:slight_smile: