Mayhem on the roads today

On the way back through the city this evening, I witnessed an accident. A motorcyclist on a matt black bike (naked 600 ish - couldn’t see the make) pushed past me at the traffic lights, then overtook the line of traffic waiting to turn right onto London Bridge at speed and without any observational skills - passing all the traffic islands - and knocked over a poor pedestrian who stepped out from in front of a stationary car. :frowning:

The second incident was a cyclist literally physically pushing a scooter rider out of the bus lane - which seemed obviously the cyclist’s fault, but then when I saw how the scooter rider was weaving around as if he had spent all day in the Dog and Anchor I realised it was not.

Well I have news for you, buddies, riding at 50 miles per hour in a 30 in a straight line through town, with chicken strips as big as my backside - does not make you a good rider - it makes you a dangerous liability :Whistling:

Hels goes off for a lie down

I agree.

How big is your backside

Pretty impressive for a backside, still a sizeable chicken strip though :stuck_out_tongue:


Confirmed it was carnage on the roads of London today, cars, bikes, pedestrians all end up in casualty. :crazy:

no foreign lorrys today then.

Not just in London around it too. Had to take the kids to Southampton today (from NW London) and I couldn’t get anywhere near the M25 so ended up having to go out on the M40 and make my way south to Basingstoke through the country… what a pain!

It is not just the two wheelers. I have seen some appalling driving, mainly by post office vans, courier vans and general white vans this week. Seems like everyone is in a stupid hurry.

I may offer my service as personal translator, with his luck to PL drivers.


Well the sun is out, the posh boys with their Italian bikes and spotless leathers come crawling out the woodwork and onto our roads with their massive chicken strips and stupid attitude.

I must have luck then…
Day as every day, a bit busy, a bit annoying.
Nothing unusual, day by day morons, 125’s racers, or fiesta/corsa “sport” right line 2mph under speed limit hangers.
Day like every day…


It has been a rough couple of days on the road.

I was nearly knocked off and I was stationary on Wednesday. Mad folk out there.

I blame the sun and dehydration.

Agreed. there are quite a few liabilities out there now with the weather being fine and people hauling scoots etc out of the back sheds. Also the riders on sports bikes in shorts and Tshirts, a serious act of faith in people not trying to have you off! I’d rather sweat in my gear than slide naked down the road.

Definitely something in the water on Friday - 2 mates hospitalised (nothing major in either case) on the roads of south london.

One on a bicycle, swerved into by a double decker bus - sending him cartwheeling down the road. The other on a motorbike, hit by the old favourite - sudden U-turn from a car in a queue of traffic.