Is any1 doing the mayday run this year 6th may. Im planning on riding to ace cafe early to meet up the setting off to hasting

Yeah I’m planning on it, however I’m an L-plater on a WR125X so would only hold you back.

If you’re stuck for something to do on the first bank holiday Monday in May,
you could do a lot worse than joining a rumbling gathering of motorcycles
and heading off to Hastings. There probably wont be any re-enactment of
that famous battle in 1066, but you can bet there’ll be more noise.

Proving that there’s more to Sarrf London than bed bugs* and job-seeker
centres, the ‘Mayday run’ heads off from Locksbottom down the A21.

Every Mayday bank holiday there is the ‘Mayday’ run. Thousands turn up and
there are crowds most of the way out of London cheering the bikes on. It
apparently started in the 60s and like some of our waistlines, it’s been
getting bigger each year, it’s estimated that around 10,000 bikes join in
on a sunny day, some sight when all of Hastings seafront car parks are bike
only and filled to overflowing.

Here’s the plan - the main gathering will be in Crofton Rd, Locksbottom for
around 9am in the general vicinity of the petrol station (I park on the
other side of the road in front of the funeral directors, Francis Chappell
& son). Then head off around 10am. Blast, (within the speed limits of course),
to Hastings, dodge speed cops, overheated Harleys, broken down Dukes, knicked
R1’s, etc. Wander along the seafront, look at bikes, have some food, check
out The Carlisle** and head back as and when you’ve had enough.

Not for people who don’t like crowds and especially crowds on bikes.
Be prepared for bike jams unless you leave Locksbottom before 10am
especially if it’s a sunny day. Makes a change from the usual car jams :wink:

It’s not organised, no one is in charge, no health and safety checks,
not a licenced gathering, no facilities. Hastings council do their best to
park the bikes as well as keep things moving in the town. The Police do
their best to discourage it but can’t stop it happening, precisely because
it’s not organised, 1000s of bikers, (or is that motorcyclists?), just do it.

6th May The 35th Annual Locksbottom to Hastings May Day Run

If you must, you must and everyone should experience this at least once. Groups meet up and start from all over, local start locations in and around London also include Rykas, Blackheath, High Beech Chelsea Bridge etc. Wherever you start from to get the full effect of the day ride via Locksbottom and then on to Hastings, the Locksbottom BP Garage on the A232 Crofton Road is as good a place as any to regroup, refresh, re-fuel etc.

The run starts at 9 am from Locksbottom and goes on throughout the day. Many of the locals turn out and families line the route to wave the motorcyclists through. The route is also well Policed including unmarked video bikes and cars, if your misbehaving expect a FPN in the post. Last year one of the Blackheath regulars got two :w00t:

Take the traditional A21 route and avoid the boring Motorway sections Googlie Maps wotsit here

More information inter webby wotsit here

edit: whoops - took a tea break half way through posting. What Mike says too, new for this year a mahoosive wide screen wotsit with all day showings of all things motorwotsitcling

IF my bike is ready in time, I’ll be up for meeting at Blackheath if anyone is thinking of going?

Chears i will probly ride up to lockbottom for around 8:30 then :slight_smile:

I’m going with a group of friends,see you in hastings

We’re going. Tom, do u want to meet at our place in Se9 then we go to Lockbottom and go from there? :slight_smile:

I haven’t decided whether to go or not - had a nice ride today from Box, but undecided about the May Day Run. If I do go I will text you or Claire, Jamie and ride down with you lot.

Were heading out at 9am with redrat :slight_smile:

Cool!! I was planning on it - but after several people took a second look today I realised how far my brake pads have worn to the metal at the back and the back discs are shot, so on today’s ride I was mainly engine braking. Although it was fine today in the countryside on quieter roads I don’t want to end up accidently riding into the back of loads people on the May Day Run. I am getting it sorted asap, so am not going to be out of action for long, but other peoples’ safety on a massive ride like tomorrow is a bit different to me riding with a few experienced bikers on quieter countryside roads :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that Hels.

I may be up for it, from Ace or whatever, I have so ferking far anywhere that I don’t mind, just make your mind people, I don’t want to ride alone, but don’t want to try to chase BKing and GS either :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not a fast ride if we head out with the masses. Too many coppers about :wink:

I’m meeting plum and a few others at the tea hut at 9:30. We should all go together?

Redrat and a couple others are meeting at ours at 08h45 for a cuppa and head out 9ish to Lockbottom to soak it up. No balls to the wall as too many plod :wink:
Welcome to come over though :slight_smile:

Stupid question I know, which one Tea Hut?


Blackheath. You could come to ours earlier though…

Blackheath. You could come to ours earlier though…

Why I live like frecking princes from “far far away” have everywhere hour bloody journey. And I need fuel before we even set off. what a b…it.

Ok what time ?


08h45 :smiley: