Mayday Run

Anyone do the May run yesterday? I went down Sunday as it was nice and it was meant to lash down with rain Monday but as usual the weather folks were wrong and it was lovely.

Still a lot of bikes around Sunday though.

Best road down there is the Lewes turn off (just past the BP garage) about 10 miles or so outside Hastings, nice and quiet and passes through a few little villages, has a massive long straight which you can get full speed on . Finally comes out on the A23 Eastbourne - London road for a blast back toward the M25.

I assume that you all know about it (Mayrun) but as there is no mention of it and this site is new I thought I’d stick a quick post in.

Hi fletchrgj, I presume you mean the May Day Run organised by the Ace Cafe? I personally didn’t go, but apparently it was a good day out yes! I wasn’t far away though, a small group of us went down to New Haven, then rode some twisties to Brighton, up to Devils Dyke and onto Box-Hill. Pretty good blast through some amazing roads I never knew existed.

Thanks for the post… have you got any photos from the day?

Agreed Jay! tha was an awesome ride ! But we did come back to the ace after didnt we? That was nice too. We must do that again and again!

I must admit, I wanted to do the Devils-Dyke to Box-Hill section a lot faster, a good pace was set, but the roads were so good, the bike so smooth, I just wanted to wind it up more and more. I think Brian is a little upset that he had to clean his numberplate for the first time in three years hehe…

No photos unfortunately, I would have taken a camera if I’d gone down on the actual day. You can check out all the stuff on the run here: