Mayday run

Hello, is anyone doing the Mayday run if so does anyone fancy meeting up for it?

wot is Mayday run?:D:blush:

What’s the details of the Mayday run? R6babe, can you pm me the info please?

might go for a banter been 7 years in a row so far:) was gonna see if my gamma could make it again pmsl but iam in hastings atm on her:D must remember not to go on res!!! it naffs the carb up with all the crap from the bottom off the tank:hehe: i usally meet a load just out side bromley locks bottom ranges from 125cc’s up to 1600cc’s

Sorry - The main meeting point is by the Farnborough lights area near to the Hospital on the A21, people meet there from around 8am onwards through out the morning and make their way from here to Hastings. People tend to leave in groups as and when so you get a constent stream of bikes - and you get people waving etc on the road side on bridges etc, I think its good fun. Then at Hastings just park up and have fish and chips watch the parade and stuff.

Any one up for it?

sounds intresting i might be staying down there for a day or so this year to hit the night life:D but this year i might make it back to my b&b i woke up last year slonkered on the sea front:w00t:

Robc - I have PMd you

I did last years with a few other from LB. I would suggest setting off before 9 as you will get stuck in traffic and find parking difficult after that…

not sure if I will do this one, bit of me says do it but a large part of me says I cannot be arsed

we always set out from the oakdene and go cross country via Leeds castle and then Rye harbour avoiding the A21…

ah yer thats a nice ride i tend to miss the a21 depending on wot i feel like and hit the country roads all the way down:D nice twisties and filds lol

I was going to say I was up for it but if it’s on 4th of May which is Monday then I regret to say I can’t go coz I’m workin:w00t::crying:

We go on the A21 there with all the others, but on way back go a different route with nice twisties.

Oh thats not fair having to work on a bank hol

Somebody’s gotta, I know how it feels though. I had both Christmas AND New Year of this year for the first time in 17 yrs!

That sounds a nice route, what time does the ride set off from Oakdene?

will wave at ya all on the way back from france :smiley:

Yeah I worked all bank hols too, Xmas, New Year’s Day…I don’t mind, at least it keeps me occupied:ermm: but this time I would like to go ridin with you guys:crying:

Do a sickie and come for a ride :hehe:

babe - wish I could do that…I know I am not doing jobs other colleagues couldn’t do but I am so honest I have never pulled a false sickie…:w00t: