Mayday run

I have posted on General as well. Is anyone doing the MAyday run? If so does anyone fancy meeting up for it?

Oops I have put it twice on this thread :blush:

I’ve not done it before but if Im back from Donnington on the Sunday I’m there :slight_smile:

always a crowd going.i’ll be going and heading out from the oakdene as usual.

you’re more than welcome to join us.

I and a few other bikers meet up in Epsom and join the run at M25/a26. We usually stop at the 1st layby for grub and get neck ache doing the bike tennis movement at the 1,000’s of bikes that shoot by.

Maybe a meet up point in Hastings would be a good idea.

Good idea for those that are not meeting and doing the A21 run.

hi chenster (met you at the bm once johnse1 bought be up there) what time you meeting at the oakdene on this run?