Ok folks,its that time of year again were we all meet up and ride down too hastings. The meeting point is Locksbottom in time for a cuppa tea and a bacon roll…then we’ll group up and ride down as a unit too hastings.

It will be an easy pace as there are alot of people riding along the route,and we’ll stop along the way to get a drink inside us

or have a fag ect…ect…Please come Tanks full and a smile on your face:).

Here is locksbottom on google maps on the link below with postcode…,0.058837&sspn=0.020979,0.055618&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwloc=A

Im looking too get there for about 8:30 am so i can get a good parking spot and wait for other ppl

probably across the road from the petrol station.Once there i’ll prob have somthing displaying LB so you all know were i am…

I’ll be there for about an hour so i plann on leaving at around 9:30-10:00 so please take your time and if you miss us…

we can prob meet you along the way or catch ya down there.If you want to do a bit more riding,then we can mabee go to Brighton

as it will be alittle less crowded and then go home.all in all a good day and a great ride;).

hope to see you guys there!!!


Dave and I may be able to meet you for this.

You got a postcode for the meeting place? Never been there so not sure where it is.

Went to this last year, was a good day out and the weather was fab, should be able to make it along again :smiley: Hope we have the same sort of weather :cool:

ride was good…rest is boring i think…same as s’end shakedown…same as margate run…same as brighton run…ytou get there and have to walk around in bike gear all day, and get chargeed rip off prices for food and drinks.

just same old, i might come for the ride dude, the brighton one with tel lats year was good.

Coorrrr listen to you…voice of doom! :smiley: Be happy and remember…you’ll be on Google sometime soon! :smiley:

+5 see you at Locksbottom.

ill try my hardest to be on this


why so f/cking early?good of you to say rideout as a unit, shane.
much better than going on a ride out and basically first 1 there sort of ride out.

post updated guys…;).


Could well be up for this.

I will meet you all at Hastings, staying there the night before :smiley:

Oooooo that’s cheating. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kn*bber…We were supposed to ride with that guy from Aye Gee Motorcycles :rolleyes: :smiley:

Ahh well mate…Will see you there, but not going the congested route and never will I be able to get up at 7am let alone meet you at that time.

So it’s a no from me :smiley:

if your planning on setting off early then yer I may be up for this but if we leave late I won’t as last year it took nearly 2 hours to get there even on the bike

I’m going to be captain slow and will be breaking now limits as I remember last year there was plod everywhere.

p.s. does all depend on the bike being sorted by then as well though.

This ride is renowed for big accidents & major police presense! Remember the birds in the sky as they catch out most offenders without you even knowing till the damage is done :wink:


well only live half hour away and I then I get to have a bit of a lay in as don’t have to get up early to miss the traffic :satisfied:

Just informed Eva that I will be gone that day… Not too happy about it but we came to a compromise…:smiley:

I will be there - but not that early will prob get to Locksbottom about 9/9.30.

timeings updated as i am now working lates the night before…;).


I’d like to come down with you guys, give me a chance to say hi if thats cool??

May try and cruise down to borough market one wed before that on my way back from work.

Meeting place is fairly close to me as well :smiley: