mayday! mayday!

greetings one and all…is there anyone doing the mayday run this monday from locksbottom to brighton?

great ride if the weather is good so i am of to the garden to do the customary sun dance!

is there a favoured meeting place? if not keep your eye out for me…i will be on an all black fazer 600 naked(depending on weather!)…screaming like a banshee!

have a safe ride everyone

efzedsix (jasonn)

sorry can’t make it this year as i’m at Mallory Park but have fun.

If the weather helps I’m up for that! Let’s chat again sunday night, lol

i thought the run from locksbottom was to hastings…im going from the ace via locksbottom to hastings

weathers looking good, i will be going from Locks Bottom, maybe bump into a few of you on the day.Not literally.

I’m working AGAIN

I’ll be there from about 0930 till 1000 hrs, you’ll probably hear me arrive…

I will be on…yes you got it… Red / Black TDM 850

I may not ride down all the way…assignments to complete for uni, depends on how much more I get done tonight…

I’ll be there too, weather looks ok, no rain forecast by the BBC.

More details are here

I’ll be at Locksbottom in the morning

Miserable weather again!!! I can’t stand this anymore! It’s pissing down here… How sad when I put my hand out of the bad trying to stop one of cats to keep meawing at 630am and found him/her soggy wet(didn’t see who was) All I knew was that the may day run was off to me without have even started… Good luck to whoever decide to go, I just can’t have fun this way…Very upset and considering go back to Spain up the summer arrive in his cursed island…

Good luck to all you who decide to go, just got home from work off a night shift looking like a drowned rat, Must get some new waterproofs.


NITRO MAT and his pit crew from south london are up for the mayday run , as soon as the slightest dry line appears we are ROLLIN.

yeah im rolein on a dry line 4 hours i spent auto sol ing my frame and for over a weak i have spent 5 hours pluss a night rebuilding it

good luck lads british weather is crap


I can’t describe in words how much I hate the weather here! Why do I have a motorbike in this island???

YEAH!Because it’s in blood and hopness is the last one to die… Even though this island weather try very hard to kill all our happiness…

Got up at 6am, looked out the bedroom window to see it was absolutely pissing down. My involuntary cursing woke the missus up. So now I’m pissed off AND in trouble.


it’s only rain guy’s!! bikes dont vapourise in the rain! i know they’re a pain in the arse to keep clean but what about the fun you’ll have on it splashing in the puddles!!

Just got back from Hastings.

Had a great day, didn’t see the rain once.

just got back from hastings run…wot a good day…not a cloud in the sky by the time we got there…

took the slingger to meet wiggs at the meeting point…and she was being a very bad girl…after a slight discusson with wiggs (very slight) we went and picked up the k6…best decision of the day i think…

thanks for the restraint wiggs,ur a real pal…also…broke 400 miles on the way home.wooohoooo!!!..

right…k6 is a filty wh*re at the moment,so need to give it to her large…

dont think i’ll be out again today…im pooped!!!


Yeh, twas a good day, met Smiled and the coughing spluttering Slingshot, (you wan’t to cut down that bikes 20 a day habit mate )

Had a good run, got wet, bike filthy, just spent last hour cleaning and polishing, back to new again

Sorry I lost you mate, the Thou needed it’s neck wringing after pottering all morning and slipping round islands gingerly, had a fantastic blast back, all safe!

Will post the pics later Good to see your K6 Shane, hurry up and run it in so you can chase me chase me !



will do mate…lol