May Have Found A New Bike - What You Think?

Seen this on ebay, apparently its only done 810 miles?!

Ive emailed the seller and he said he wants £4900 - he says he doesnt think it needs an MOT at the moment but if its an 03 it would wouldnt it? Also says its been registered overseas. I get the feeling theres something fishy about the bike but Im not sure.

Anyone near me fancy taking a look at it with me on Sunday? I dont want to end up buying a lemon! Also he says its been run in but is there any way of telling how well its been run in or is it just hope its not been thrashed?


Its not bad if the mileage is true, but I would still try to get it for less, as you can get a K5 with higher mileage for less.

Check these out first:

First of all I recommend a HPI check and ensure the frame number matches up.

If its on a 53 plate then its a K3, and yes the bike will need an MOT.

Im not too far from Bromley, and will be around on the weekend so willing to come have a looky with you and take it for a test ride if needed.

To put it into perspective, few months ago I paid £4200 for my K3 1000, and it had done 15,000 miles.

that bikes a k4 its identical to my one, but i thought that k4’s only came out in 2004? maybe an hpi check will tell you a bit more

53 plate would have run from September 2003 until March 2004 so perfectly possible to have a K4 on an 03 plate… but it will be over 3 years old now and will require an MOT.

so if it is registered overseas how much will it cost to get it registered in the UK?

Go for a UK bike. I’d find out how much the Anniversary Gixxer is as it looks the nicest.

If something seems too good to be true it usually is

Nice track bike that K6