May Day Run.

Is anybody going on the May day run to Hastings on the bank holiday?

hi ya

im a lone rider if u fancy a ride bud im up 4 it

Cool, where abouts do you reside?Let’s see who else is up for it, normally meet at locks bottom just the other side of bromley for this run.

Lots 0f these threads going around but none ever seem to quite get there.

I’m flying solo for the run. Anybody up for meeting somewhere nearby?

Locks Bottom will be pretty chaotic.

im up for going, coming from essex but got to pop into brighton first then in from there

Do you know anywhere near there fella?

I’ll have a look at the map today and see if anything springs out.

there a few meetng at McD’s next to bromley bus garage near bromley common, time to be arranged.

McD’s in bromley sounds good, a few were talking about dropping in at locks bottom tonight at the ace.

Hay TL Dunk i could meet up with you somewhere before Locks Bottom. Wot time were you thinking of setting off.

Hi G,

That’d would be cool, where are you based again?

What time to set off?

That always depends on what time I get in the night before…haha.

Not too early, probably 09:30-10:00 does that sound civilized?

i wanted to go a bit of the way on my bike ,
but that all depends on how my cbt tomorow goes and whether i can get insurance and tax at such short notice…

Hey V,

Stay relaxed and you’ll be fine with ya CBT, just keep pressing that indicator button and keep the back brake covered and observation observation observation, you know it anyway.

It’s all A roads so no problem for you. Don’t worry about tax, if you have the other documents then you can back tax to the start of the month anyway. I would’ve thought you could get insured but don’t let the desire to ride force you to be impatient and take a poor deal, it’ll only be one more day…:wink:

Good luck.

Ha ha you know it, i failed my first test leaving the bloody indicator on, was bloke who stood on corner too they didnt follow ya on a bike then.Might be doing hastings run too s will keep eye on this thread.Or wot bout meet at blackheath tea hut.

Sounds good, that’s just up the road from me, lets hope the weather is the same as it is today?!? :smiley:

There’s a group of L-platers going down (see Import_125’s thread) if you get your tax etc sorted :slight_smile:

im going does anyone wanna meet at the ace

O.k it looks as though there will be a few pck up points on this one.

There is already an organised meet at the ace.

From this thread it seems that a route of collection is appearing, first point is the Esso garage on the south circular between dulwich and forest hill, it is right on a set of lights just past the Horniman Museum when traveling south.

Trying to get to here around 10 am then on to bromley McD’s and see if there are any there, from there on to locks bottom for a final round up then off to Hastings.

Hope all that go, whether in our group or others ride safely, keep an eye out for th five-o and hope to see you down there.

Yep i’ll be meeting TL Dunk at the Esso station at 10 o clock. I’ll be riding up from central London so if any one wants to tag along i’ll be happy to have a mini meet at the Borough Market to leave say 9.30 to meet up with TL. Please let me know if anyone wants to meet up at Borough.

what time does everyone leave from the ace at

I think 10:00-10:30 but not sure, there is a thread about on here somewhere.