May Day run from the Ace?

Any north Londoners fancy a run down from the Ace?

I’m up for a ride out on Monday weather permitting. Where are you thinking of going?

Open to suggentions, theres the run to Hastings or where ever the flow goes…

looks like ill be going from this end’s now the bike should be ok i was in bournmouth last night at 3 4 am and found a hard core rave got shitted in a hour!!! and woke up at 6am on the sea front(well a cliff) slonkered :smiley: BIKER DAN WAS MASHED AND GOING FOR IT GOD WOT A NIGHT!!! ROUND 2!!! EDITED BY STEVEO(his brother:)

I’d be up for this one, reckon a run down to the coast gets my vote:)