May Day bank holiday bike rally

Anyone going down to Hastings for the annual gathering? We are trying to beat the record of 125,000 bikes. The more the merrier.

there are a few threads running on this one, sems there will be quite a few going including myself, where did the figure of 125,000 come from i have done this run over the years but didn’t think it was that big,

count me in, i thought it was only about 8000 bikes going can’t believe it could be 125k?

i thought they normally claimed about 20,000, so who is counting?

2 years ago was a massive meeting. I can only go from the local press down in Hastings where I live. If they say it, it must be true. Please all, ride safe and do not become one of the negative stats.

I stand corrected, it was 25,000, but this years they are expectong 35,000, and by the looks of things down here, they are not far wrong.

Look here

great pics mate, i made it to hastings, i reckon they beat that target, f##kin awesome

need more pic :smiley:

Dont think they made 35,000 cos didnt seem that many there this afternoon? Weather couldnt have been better tho !! Met up with zephyr 11, and fishface…andyp,chris, andys mates,lusty and her other half, then sonny and of course me ol biker buddy shewolf…(hope that bike didnt give you any more problems girl?) the others went off to brighton and i came home…but lusty met up with tiggi and about 7 other bikers, and they all decided to go brighton…i had a brill ride back…met up with 3 guys and we had a little blast…much better than on our way there, too many police, ready to nick too many of us bikers if u ask me! they were everywhere !!! and there were a few too many vans parked up as well for my liking, prob hiding speed cameras too !! they went over the top i think today…everywhere we looked there were ol bill…they set up video cameras all along the route, and had bikes riding up and down too…the amount of bikers we saw pulled over…thank god i didnt see any on the way home again…:wink:

Lets hope this days sun is a taste of more to come…then i can look forward to my weekends again…

oh and sherrie? sorry for being SO late in meeting you? x


glad you had a good ride home , think you made the right decision not doing brighton as well ,it was a nice run but it felt like a long day when we got home . Gettin old me ? , nooo …was just thinking of poor little fishface;):slight_smile:

Just got home! What a great day :slight_smile:
Can’t believe the amazing weather and the amount of bikes that were parked up on the parade (if you can call it that) at Hastings.

The run to Brighton was really good to although my friend Tom :wink: lost us for a little while, while zeph11 had a technical hitch. All was fine when we found him in Brighton.

Thanks for leading Tom, Ricky and Davebez! I had a great blast home after Brighton with you guys and girls. We must start doing this on a regular basis. And not with dark visors! It certainly does make interesting riding :crazy:

Hey Kylie, sorry I missed your text earlier, we must have been en route to Brighton when that came through. Sorry :frowning:

great day out once again heres some pictures i took

Not long got home, crackiong day :smiley:

No more bike problems Blade :slight_smile:

Great day out. :smiley: Nice to meet you all.

Apologies for not noticing everyone else had stopped. It’d been a long day…:wink:


Good Morning,

I also want to thank you all for the great day and the new locations you showed me.

Hope to meet you again for a ride.

P.S.good old Kawa started without probsthis morning

Have a nice day, Carsten

What a wicked day out, took the long route to Hasting along some wicked roads, fish & chips on the beach and then off to Brighton for some fun at the fair, last stop of the day was the Ace for a cuppa before home, got in at 11, was a long day and I am knackered today but well worth it :smiley:

Was good to meet some new peeps as well :slight_smile:

was good seeing so many LBers at Hastings.

Shame i was with another group with had other plans and couldn’t hang out or follow you to Brighton.

The weekend started off brilliantly riding with R1cky and Martinn and carried on in the same vein.

MUST echo Lustfish by saying we should ride out en masse more