May Day bank holiday bell ends


Saw some of the shittest riding I’ve ever seen today. Group of fellas riding down the A20 away from London, they all turned off as if to go to brands before the A20 becomes the M20. One of their overweight friends had missed the turning so decided to paddle his bike back and forth on the hard shoulder then actually rode the wrong way up it to get back to the slip road. 5 mins later the bell end boys and their fat friend came past us (my wife, daughter and I were in the car). The fat boy still demonstrating what an absolute penis he is by undertaking us using the hard shoulder at about 90mph + when there was no need to. It’s these kind of characters that make me embarrassed to ride a motorbike. Hang your poorly fitting leathers up fella. You look like a twat and can’t ride for shit.

The end.


Hastings Run …nuff said .


Locksbottom/Hastings boring ride down amongst all manner of lowlife, overcrowded when you get there, how did it ever became so popular?

Southend (via the back door) is better. Don’t think it draws any less of a crowd there just seems to be more room once you get there and we’ve always found a nose bag with seats.


I read there was a delay as some poor guy was airlifted to hospital.


61 year old on a quad bike apparently


its wasnt a 61 year old on a quad