MAXXIS tyres

You know how it happens. Your looking at a machine, an older DRZ traillie, up close and personal, and the owner turns up. Not so bad this time as I vaguely knew the bloke.

“So how are the Maxxis?”

“F…ing brilliant. Transformed the bike and dirt cheap.”

O.k. so that’s one oppinion. Anybody got anything else to add?

a buddy tested them on his little Ducati racer - said they were better than the H rated Diablos they have to use.


Their Mountain Bike tyres are awesome - stickiest rollers on the road :smiley:

Not as sticky as your water melon.:sick:

Woof Woof

i find them a great tyre and as you say they are cheap:cool: i asked for them in essential rubber and they said there a budget tyre and dont stock them:hehe: been told there wet race range are being made road legal soon, but will see if that is true soon:cool:

Eurgh… you old people shouldn’t be reading those threads!:stuck_out_tongue:

during the war all they had was jacket potato’s:hehe:

And they had to get that on the Ration Card, so what if it was 2nd hand?Pre-buttered??? :D:D:D


Why not? You should know that interfering with melons is a very old practice:

"The Middle East and Central Asia

Bacchá dancing boy in Samarkand
Traditionally, dancers and sex workers in Central Asia. (photo ca. 1905 - 1915)
Main article: Pederasty in the Middle EastIn pre-modern Islam there was a “widespread conviction that beardless youths possessed a temptation to adult men as a whole, and not merely to a small minority of deviants.”[61]

In central Asia the practice is reputed to have long been widespread, and remains a part of the culture, as exemplified by the proverb, Women for breeding, boys for pleasure, but melons for sheer delight.[62] In the Ottoman Empire culture, young male dancers, usually cross-dressed in feminine attire, were called Köçek.[citation needed]


DURING THE WAR!! MD we will spank you for that one next time we see you, we’re not that F***** old:D

hehe… y’all seem to know what was going on in Central Asia circa 1905 ;):P:D

Stevie Ramone (05/07/2009)

that was where the 1st jetsteam rideout was, to trade potato’s for melons:D

Oh no MD you`ve rumbled us. Whats the latest update on the progress at the battle of Hastings? Is it safe for a run to the sun.Mrs J is waxing her riding crop in expectation.:stuck_out_tongue:

Chris: “Julie, bring out the gimp…”Julie: “The Gimp’s sleeping.”Chris: “Then wake him up…”At least that gets the topic back to rubber…:D:D:D

Back on topic

Had them on my Blackbird, they warm up quick good in wet or dry just a bit soft for heavy bike got 3000k outta rear but front lasted 10k before a puncture, would be very good on a sports bike or if you dont do a lot of miles, also they are very cheap, if I had another set of wheels I would put them on again for summer use and revert to BT021s for winter :):slight_smile:

+1 have the on all 3 of my mountain bikes

Thanks for the contributions to the thread, both on topic and amusing.

Maxxis don’t come as exact match for size for the traille so I’ve asked them for recommendations but, subject to their approval, I’m going that route.

Let you know how I got on later. Say September/October?